Pro-Life Quotes From Lifest Attendees (Part 2/4)

This summer we went around the country to multiple massive christian festivals. At these events we spoke to hundreds of people about the pro-life movement and asked them “Why are you pro-life?”  Below is part 2 of a collection of what some people said at Lifest in Wisconsin…

When I was 7 my biological mother asked me if I wanted a little sister with the cost of my toys. I said, “yes of course!” last year my biological mom told me if I had said no, she would have had an abortion. My younger sister is 14 and is absolutely amazing in every way! – Crystal 19

Because I believe that you only get once chance to come to earth and taking that away from someone isn’t fair. – Megan 15

It is not our decision and right as humans to decide whether someone should live or die. Especially before they event get the chance to live.– Harley 15

Because I love Jesus and his Word, and He tells us that “before we were in the womb, He knew us!” – Cindi 41

Murder isn’t nice anonymous

Because life created by God begins at conception anonymous

Only God can make the choice! anonymous

All life is precious – anonymous

There are only 4 differences between an infant and an unborn child: size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. NONE of those things are any cause for murder. – anonymous

Because abortion is not an option!  – Jordan 17

Because everyone deserves to live! – Kaylee 14

Because abortion is murder and everyone deserves a chance at life. – Kelsey 15

God created everyone in his image and life is very important. God wouldn’t have created you if you weren’t important – Brianna 11

Because God doesn’t do things on accident. – Amy 42

Because I was almost aborted, and im glad I wasn’t. – Courtney 17

I have an adopted 13 year old daughter that was almost aborted. Praise God she wasn’t! – Kristin 51

Murder is illegal! – Zachary 16

God makes everyone equal, even itty bitty babies – Erika 19


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