Pregnant mother chooses health of preborn baby over self

Here’s a fascinating story of a pregnant mother who has a heart wrenching choice to make, and to make it quickly.

Sadie Stout, pregnant with a 6 1/2 month old preborn baby, has a tumor growing in her heart and she has 24 hours to decide one of three choices:

  1. Remove tumor immediately, although giving her the best chance at life this would put her preborn babies health and life in jeopardy
  2. She could have an emergency c-section, putting her life at risk. There are also many risks involved for the preborn boy being 2 1/2 months premature
  3. Or wait, putting her health and life even more at risk

Although some around her wanted Sadie to put her life first, she chose the emergency c-section saying, “I decided I would have him before doing anything with me.  I wanted him to have a chance to survive before me. There was no way I would be able to do the surgery while being pregnant knowing there was a chance he would die from it.  They were saying that I hadn’t met the baby yet, that I wasn’t attached. But even when I was pregnant, Bentley was my whole world. I would never choose myself over him.”

Very admirable!

The surgery went well!  Sadie is out of the hospital.  Bently, her baby boy is still in the health center.  Please pray for a speedy recovery.

3 Responses to Pregnant mother chooses health of preborn baby over self

  1. Jen G. says:

    Go, baby, go! You can do it! Best choice a mom could make!

  2. sadie stout says:

    Hey 🙂 This is Sadie.

    Im actually pretty excited that you found my story important enough to write about.

    It wasnt a fun journey at all really beside meeting my baby boy of course but we are both doing amazingly well. Bentley is 5pounds 12 ounces and doing awesome! He hasnt had any problems at all, hes still in the nicu here (thunder bay) but should be home VERY soon! 🙂 and im doing awesome! surprising how fast you can recover from 2 surgeries but i did it 🙂 now just waiting for Bentley to come home is the hard part!!!

    but again thanks for writing about me 🙂 just wanted to give u an update on how Bentley and I are doing! 🙂

    Sadie Stout

    • Sadie! Thanks so much for writing us! It is an important story and I wanted to share with our readers! You’ve been through alot. It’s so good to hear from you, to hear how well you are doing and how well Bently is doing. Would you be interested in coming on our weekly podcast and sharing your story?

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