Pro-Life Quotes From Lifest Attendees (Part 1/4)

This summer we went around the country to multiple massive christian festivals. At these events we spoke to hundreds of people about the pro-life movement and asked them “Why are you pro-life?”  Below is part 1 of a collection of what some people said at Lifest in Wisconsin…

Because love is putting others happiness before your own and abortion is putting your happiness before others – anonymous

Because God made every baby for a purpose– anonymous

Because all 13 of my kids would be dead if their birth mothers had an abortion! – anonymous

God made children. They are His image, his creation. They bring joy to so many, they have a place in His place; they have potential to make changes when we may not be able to. Abortion is murder, murder is sin, sin is against God, and God is love and justice. Infants and embryos are His creation that he wants love and justice for. – anonymous

No matter how small, they are still a person and should be treated with the love and compassion they deserve – Ashley 17

Because you never know who is destined to do great things. – Mike 17

Every one deserves a chance to live; born or not. As a strong Christian I believe in this everyday and I spread the word – Logan 14

Because everyone has the right to live, no matter how old, babies are a gift from God!  – Rhianna 13

I was more premature in 1963 than a partial birth abortion now. You cant tell me its not murder. – anonymous

I believe everyone should have a chance at life. – anonymous

My 3 year old cousin was adopted; if he hadn’t been, his birth mom would have aborted him. It’s a child, not a choice – Michaela 14

Doctor said I would have downs syndrome – Isaac 21

When I was 15 I got pregnant and knew it was best for my son that he be adopted… and now he is turning 1! – Ciara

 I delivered my son at 24 weeks!!! He fought hard for his life! He survived and is now 15 years old and healthy. I can’t imagine life without him; what if he wouldn’t have survived? He is my joy in life; I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on what a blessing from God a Child is or could be to someone who’s childless. Choose life or adoption! You will never have regrets like you would if you choose abortion. – Tammy 52


So why are you Pro-Life?


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