“Good Women Have Abortions” – What does this mean?

This morning I received my daily 40 Days For Life email and this photo struck me.  It is of an abortion facility with a sign that reads, “Good Women Have Abortions.”

What does this mean?

Pro-lifers have always argued that abortion is wrong, it is the taking of an innocent human persons life.  Abortion is wrong, not the people who perform them, have their children aborted or advocate for it.  There is always a possibility of a change of heart, something we always pray for.

Good people do bad things.  We all know good people do good things and even bad people can do good things.  But why are we being reminded that “Good Women Have Abortions?”  I think it is an admittance of guilt, knowing full well that abortion is not a good thing and that yes, sometimes good people make bad choices.

What do you think?

3 Responses to “Good Women Have Abortions” – What does this mean?

  1. Lotti says:

    I think “pro-life” people ought to be supporting adoption actively rather than pushing against abortion. I think that sign is a protest against the constant demonisation by pro-lifers of people who support a woman’s right to choose her own life.

    • Hey Lotti, Pro-lifers do actively adopt. Actually, more Christians / pro-lifers adopt and foster care than non-christians and “pro-choicers.” Pro-lifers don’t demonize. A very few may, but a few crazies don’t define our movement. Everyone should have a right to choose but once that choice supersedes someone else’s right to life it shouldn’t be a choice we should allow or tolerate

  2. Michelle says:

    Humans can be so cold. We hate for no reason, we murder and think it’s just. Is abortion any better? no. Since when do become judges of life or death? boy or girl? Man is trying to become their own god. What right do you have to murder? Shall than I murder you because you are innocent or that you or born? Maybe because my daughter is 5 maybe I should kill her too? Instead of giving undying love we kill what we can’t stand. Humans

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