Abortion advocates commit hate crimes?

Abortion advocates just tore down crosses at the University of Buffalo as part of a pro-life cemetery of the innocents.  These are peaceful displays of crosses memorializing the preborn victims of abortion.

Phil Eddy (past Rock For Life Chapter coordinator and currently Students for Life’s Northeast Field Coordinator) just posted on my facebook wall the current situation at the University of Buffalo.   Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Pro-lifers set up display Sunday night
  2. Vandals tear out all crosses and signs and tossed them in the garbage
  3. Campus police recover vandalized signs and crosses
  4. Pro-lifers defiantly put up the display again
  5. Two students arrested, possibly for hate crimes
  6. More students punished for kicking over crosses after it was set-up again
Seeing pro-life displays destroyed on public universities is nothing new.  Phil does a great job documenting a number of recent crimes committed against pro-lifers on college campuses on his blog entry here.
As we seek to end abortion lets also keep praying for those who advocate for abortion, that they refrain from committing crimes against pro-lifers.

One Response to Abortion advocates commit hate crimes?

  1. Jody Ward says:

    It’s hard to understand the thinking of a person who is so committed to the destruction of innocent people that they would destroy a memorial to their unjust murders.

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