Summer Festivals Tour officially over!

The Summer Festivals Tour is officially over. This past weekend we exhibited at our final event of the summer, The Awakening Festival. OK some of you are like, Erik the summer has been over for quite some time. Well, not exactly. Fall officially started last Friday, September 23rd. Anyways, lets not split hairs!

The main thing is that our summer-ish travels are over. We had an amazing time of ministry, meeting and praying with a ton of young people, educating, activating, equipping them to be effective pro-life warriors in their communities, high schools and college campuses. We drove 6,948 miles exhibiting at 12 festivals, speaking and exhibiting at one concert and one youth group as well as one Warped Tour date! This is an increase from our 2010 Summer Festivals Tour where we drove 2,666 miles to exhibit at 6 festivals – our first summer since 1998 as an independent organization. And we are looking forward to the summer of 2012 where we plan on building off of these numbers – exhibiting and speaking at more events!

With all the young people who signed up with us this summer we have plans on starting a number of Rock For Life groups so stay tuned!

So thank you so much for your generous support and your prayers! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!


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