Pro-Choice or Pro-abortion?

Has anyone ever insisted that you use the term “pro-choice” rather than “pro-abortion?”  Need a good way to respond?

I recently received a comment on a blog post about using the term “pro-abortion.”  Here is the comment:

People who aren’t pro-life are not pro-abortion; they’re pro-choice. If pregnant, I wouldn’t get an abortion but i’m happy I had the CHOICE, even if I pick to carry my baby to term. You should use the right phrases or your points seem less credible. -Sara

Here’s my response:

Sara, Thanks for visiting and commenting. Let’s use your line of thinking and apply it to another social injustice. Try this:

“People who aren’t anti-slavery are not pro-slavery; they’re pro-choice. If rich, I wouldn’t own a slave but I’m happy I had the CHOICE, even if I pick to not own a slave. You should use the right phrases or your points seem less credible.”

How does your argument sound now? -Erik

What do you think?  Try it and let me know how it works.


12 Responses to Pro-Choice or Pro-abortion?

  1. Cassie Craigo says:

    Pro-choice or pro-abortion…either one means you are in support of abortion in a way, and that’s wrong.

  2. Michigan_Pat says:

    I like it. However, the term “Pro-Choice” could apply to Pro-Life people also.
    Most Pro-Life people recognize the good to be found in:

    1) Choosing Life.
    2) Choosing to raise your children.
    3) Choosing adoption, if raising your child is not a possibility for you.
    4) Choosing responsibility.
    5) Choosing to seek out options.
    6) Choosing to not give in to people who pressure you into having an abortion.
    7) Choosing not to listen to the voices that say “you can’t have this baby”.
    8) Choosing wisely.

    But choosing to end your baby’s life? THAT sounds like being “Pro-Abortion”.

  3. Michigan_Pat says:

    I guess an “8” and a parenthesis “(” is a smiley face with shades on.




  4. Michigan_Pat says:

    …and I wish I could spell.

  5. Sean Ramsey says:

    Pro-Choice is a term that is TOTALLY misleading…sure the mother has a choice but what choice does the child have?!?

  6. Mr. V says:

    I think what she meant was:

    If you are pro-life then you are anti-abortion and all people should carry to term. Therefore, following that premise, if you are pro-abortion then you are anti-life and all people should abort. But then we would run out of people. So it’d be better to say, with following the pro-life example, if you are pro-choice then people can choose between aborting or carrying to term.

    She just said it in a more confusing way.

  7. Sara Gwen says:

    Wow. Ok, I just thought this was a blog that tried to educate teens and allow them to make solid arguments. My post had nothing to do with the actual debate. I was saying that if you were to debate with someone who was pro-choice and said pro-abortion they wouldn’t listen to your other points. I don’t know how you could actually use slaves as an example, but that’s your opinion. I’m really sorry I wasted my time even commenting on this blog. I will find a legitimate pro-life organization who actually knows a thing or 2 about their counterargument. Really sad how ignorant your response was, it’s a disappointment.

    • Sara, Of course your post had to do with the actual debate. We need to use the correct terminology. When describing a point of view we need to be as succinct and descriptive as possible. Pro-choice begs the question. What choice? The choice is abortion. Pro-abortion is a better term. I don’t think you liked me using the slavery analogy because it exposed your argument for what it is, a ruse. Please, make your comment on any and every pro-life organization’s blog and let me know what they say. I am sure it will be very similar to my response. Let me know please. Good luck!

      • Jess says:

        First of all, any argument by analogy is a fallacy, and therefore logically invalid. But anyway let’s see why else the argument holds no water: let’s recognize that a pro-choice world is not mutually exclusive with a world without abortion. The philosophy of pro-choice does not need to show that abortion is moral, just that it should not be illegal. I think this is pretty clear as the government does not outlaw all immoral action (for example adultery is legal though immoral.) So under a pro-choice framework, the individual chooses to make an action, or in other words the government delegates responsibility.Under this system hypothetically no one could chose to get an abortion (every individual chooses to carry to term, though not legally bound to do so), this is compatible with a pro-choice philosophy, but is hardly pro-abortion (no abortions occur). Fundamentally, the choice is abortion OR not abortion. Every person who chooses to not have an abortion engages in a choice. I mean under your logic, I could conclude that the correct term should be pro-death, but that hardly seems a charitable reconstruction of pro-choice’s argument (just as pro-oppression would be a faulty term for pro-life). For the reasonable individual, the abortion debate comes down to the sanctity of life and autonomy. In so far that is true, pro-life and pro-choice seems like reasonable terms. Of course, personally I disagree with them because it sets up a false dichotomy, but what can you do? (I partially apologize for posting this, I generally don’t agree with posting contrary responses on blogs that are clearly of the opposite view point. [Just don’t go there if you disagree !] But I stumbled upon it and this seems like a reasonable logic based blog, so I couldn’t resist.)

  8. Roger says:

    I think maybe a 3rd option would fit better- Pro-Death or maybe Anti-Choice since the baby has no choice

  9. Abortion is murder. And one of the most selfish things you could do. Even if you don’t want to or are unable to take care of the child, there’s always adoption.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Not only is abortion murder but in addition to the unborn baby there is the additional victim of the mother though she walks out alive..the baby does not. Abortion victimizes the unborn and the mother as well as lets the man completely off the hook without taking responsibility for his part in the conception in the first place. Abortion is essentially like inherently selfish action based on sole focus on “me, me and oh”. It’s easy to kill people when you can dehumanize worked with the slave owners during the pre-Civil War era, it worked with the Nazi when they exterminated millions of people (Jews as well as other victims) and it works now with abortion. So if someone is “pro-choice” then they have some pretty gruesome company: slave owners and the Nazi. Sad fact is also that in abortion the only one who wins is the abortion clinic who made money off the abortion. The mother loses, the father loses, the baby loses and society loses.

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