Fatherhood Begins in the Womb

Did you know:

  1. 41% of all US children are born to non-married mothers
  2. 72.3% of all black children are born in homes with no fathers
  3. 84% of abortions are performed on non-married mothers
  4. Children (without fathers in the home) are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than homes with married parents
  5. Children (without fathers in the home) are twice as likely to drop out of school than their peers with married parents

This isn’t a dis on single-parents or single moms.  Many mothers don’t have a choice.  Many moms are forced to raise their children alone, at least for a time.  Our hats are tipped to those who take on the extra burden of single parenting.

Where are the fathers?  Fatherhood doesn’t start at birth or if you want the child or not.  Fatherhood is born when your child is conceived.  Roe v Wade / Doe v Bolton has created for many men an aura of selfishness and irresponsibility.  It is time for men to be men.   It is time to share the truth that children are best born into a home of a man and a woman committed to each other and the children they have and may conceive.

 Fatherhood Begins in the Womb is an excellent new joint campaign between The Radiance Foundation and the Issues4Life Foundation.  Check it out and get involved!

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