We have a new van!

Well, it’s not new (in more ways than one).  It’s a used vehicle AND it’s a vehicle we are very familiar with.  This was one of the vans we used since 2006 while we were at American Life League! So no more ministry miles on our personal vehicles!

Thanks to everyone we has donated, purchased items and prayed for us throughout the summer.  We have been able to save up some of that cash to purchase this.  This will help us get to more events, expand our ministry and spread the human rights for all (born and preborn) message even more through music, education and action.  THANKS SO MUCH!

Now the next step is to get this thing ready for the road.  The title needs to be transferred – taxes and insurance needs to be paid as well as some minor repairs need to be made.  If you can help make this happen please consider purchasing an item from our online store or making a donation.  You can make a donation through our home page, call one in at 540-322-3761 (have your credit card ready) or mail a check or money order to:

Rock For Life
PO Box 333
Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333

Thanks again!


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