Text messaging saved my life!

Hi!  My name is Manuel and text messaging saved my life!  Let me explain:

My grandmother was coercing my mom  to abort me.  My father and his mother (my other grandmother) still wanted me.  This grandmother somehow informed a sidewalk counselor and gave this person my mother’s phone number.  This sidewalk counselor text messaged my mother while she was inside the abortion facility.  I was only 6 weeks old.

My mom didn’t want to abort me.  She found through text messaging that she didn’t have to.  She also found through text messaging where to go for support and help.

I was born May 10th.  My mom graduated high school the following week.

I am so happy to be alive and my mom is pretty excited as well!

Please pray for my family, especially the ones that didn’t want me at one time.  And please pray for all the other moms out there who are being coerced into aborting babies like me.  Please pray for more courageous and technoligically advanced pro-lifers to be at the abortion facilities praying and being there to help other moms, like mine.

HT: Operation Rescue

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