PHOTOS: Pro-Choice response to a Pro-Life display? Upside crosses, fake blood and baby feet…

Pro-choice vandalism occurs more often than many believe, know about or want to know about.  Here a pro-life display (at Clarion University during “Life Week”) of crosses representing the number of babies aborted daily are turned upside down, some even covered in blood.

The upside down cross isn’t always considered anti-Christian or Satanic.  Simon Peter requested (out of respect for his savior Jesus Christ) and was granted to be crucified upside down – hence the upside down cross.  Although in this instance of “pro-choice” opposition, with the blood covered on some of the vandalized crosses I don’t think this was out of respect for Jesus or His peaceful, pro-life teachings.

To make matters even worse, fake blood was splattered on the side-walk, the phrase “pro-choice” written in fake blood and definitely the most disturbing of all – baby feet drawn in fake blood.

Will the University look into this? Will this be considered a Hate-Crime? How long will it take for the “pro-choice” groups on campus to condemn this act and do all that they can to bring justice to the perpetrators?

4 Responses to PHOTOS: Pro-Choice response to a Pro-Life display? Upside crosses, fake blood and baby feet…

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    why the blood? to show that it’s okay to murder and destroy the children that people bear inside of their wombs? In a way I think this shows exactly how brutal abortion is and makes abortion look more horrific rather than proving it as an “okay choice” as they tend to state. Plus they are saying that each grave marker is 10 of the lives. . .makes it seem to me therefore that they are considering these abortions actual lives by making actual grave markings for them. But of course, they will turn around and consider it less than human with their excuses.

    • exactly! it’s like the are saying something, maybe not meaning to, but nonetheless, saying something…

  2. Eileen Peterson says:

    Send this story to as many news media outlets as you can. It is very important that the public sees these pictures and knows the truth. Pro-choice has no respect for any other opinion. Either you be pro-abortion or we will silence or destroy your message. Please seek good legal counsel. You might have a case that will bring some protection to those who are trying to promote God’s message and are being harrassed.

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