Planned Parenthood looking for comments to display at their “Rally for Women’s Health” website

Comments may also be displayed at the live rally in DC today.  So why not, give it a shot!

Also, make sure to tweet your comments with the hashtag #rally4health

Need some sample comments or tweets?  How about:

  1. Human Rights for All – born and preborn
  2. Adoption Saves Lives
  3. I Heart Pro-Life Boys
  4. I Heart Pro-Life Girls
  5. Pray To End Abortion
  6. Planned Parenthood protects human traffickers
  7. No tax $$ for abortion
  8. Let Babies Live
  9. Abortion kills a baby
  10. LIFE not abortion

Or come up with your own.  Be nice.  Have fun!

For more information on Planned Parenthood click here.


10 Responses to Planned Parenthood looking for comments to display at their “Rally for Women’s Health” website

  1. Marian Ward says:

    Looks like they’re filtering out comments…

    • some are getting through!

  2. amelia says:

    MINE GOT ON!!! 😀

    • sweet what did your say?

      • amelia says:

        “I ❤ pro-life boys." Then if you refresh you can add more, so I proceeded to put "I stand AGAINST pp," "Life begins at conception," and "pp ceo lied – pp does not provide mammograms." 🙂

      • amelia says:

        I’ve also noticed that the same exact messages are appearing. I think they have it rigged so that lost of pre-set comments from “supporters” show up over and over.

  3. amelia says:

    I find it VERY suspicious that I have not seen ONE misspelled word on that thing after watching it for several minutes, and the same comments keep showing up. I suspect that your comment may only be visible on your screen and the rest are made up by PP. I’m becoming more and more certain that this is rigged.

    • not surprising

  4. Ricky Carrasco says:

    Dont Forget to call the senate and tell them to shut down planned parenthood 202-559-1164

    • yes great point go here for more info

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