U.S. Senator says pro-lifers DO NOT deserve freedoms

Can you believe this? A U.S. Senator (Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ) speaking at a Planned Parenthood rally, said that those who support defunding Planned Parenthood (pro-lifers), “…don’t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution, but we’ll give it to them anyway.”

OK this is wrong on so many levels.  First of all, what freedoms is he speaking of?  Speech? Assembly? Representation? The right to life?  (interestingly to note that he also believes that the preborn child does not deserve freedoms as well, but I digress…)

Secondly, now I’m not a Constitutionaly scholar, but don’t the freedoms mentioned in the Constitution come from the Creator, not from Senators?  I mean, he did say, “but we’ll give it to them anyway.”  Well, gee your almighty, thanks….

So guess what the Planned Parenthood supporters did when he spoke this insanity?  Yep, they cheered!  Well, they have the RIGHT to think that way per the US Constitution and not whether some pro-abortion Senator thinks that he has the power to give someone those freedoms.

Finally it is interesting to note that he represents the state, New Jersey where Planned Parenthood was originally caught covering up for human sex trafficking and it’s also home to a late term abortionist (Steven Chase Brigham) who is being investigated for murder.  Maybe Lautenberg should worry about New Jersey and its residents instead of toying with the idea of taking away freedoms from individuals he disagrees with.

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