72 hour waiting period for abortion minded moms may be coming to South Dakota

A 72-hour waiting period may be coming to South Dakotan abortion minded moms. South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard just signed the bill (HB 1217) which I am sure will be immediately challenged by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.  I say, “may be coming” because even though the bill has just been signed it is being challenged and you never know how these things will work out in the courts.

A Planned Parnethood spokesperson said the bill is, “… an egregious violation of the Constitution.”  Haha, ok well abortion violates a preborn persons RIGHT TO LIFE!

According to media reports (I haven’t had a chance to read the actual bill yet) the bill:

  1. Requires a 72-hour waiting period before scheduling an abortion
  2. A physician must obtain the age of the father and determine if the father is causing coercion
  3. the abortion minded mother to go through counseling at a Pregnancy Help Center

Waiting periods are great ways to save babies from abortion.  These laws make it more difficult to go through with an abortion and this bill looks like its the most stingiest.  May many babies be saved by this law and hopefully this is one of many first steps in outlawing abortion in this country.


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