Chalking last night

I got started a little early.  National Pro-Life Chalk Day is today but with all the excitement I couldn’t help myself so I met up with the Students for Life group at Mary Washington University and we did some chalking.  Below are some photos of my work.

While one of the students was chalking “Abortion Hurts Women” a group of guys walked by and mocked her.  A couple of minutes later a young man came back, apologized for his friends behavior and let her know he was with her.  So not only is this a great way to educate, but also to identify who is pro-life on your campus and recruit them!


26 Responses to Chalking last night

  1. Lauren says:

    If you’re going to mess with my university, at least get our name correct.

    • nobody is messing with a university, oh and it’s just as much mine as it is yours as I pay taxes. Not getting the name of the school correct I’ll give that to you, but everything else sidewalk chalked is correct.

      • Aaron says:

        Excepting the lies, of course.

      • Andrew says:

        You may pay taxes but we pay tuition. Its OUR university and having offensive political messages written on campus walk reflects poorly upon US. A tour group of prospective students was on campus the other day, and having offensive statements scribbled on the ground could be offensive to potential students/parents. It also give the impression that the university is a place that discriminates, rather than a place of free and open expression. The amount of your tax dollars that goes to the school is essentially minuscule compared to the tuition we pay and the value of the reputation of the university. Political discourse does not take place in chalk drawings on the ground. Both your methods and your message are destructive. There are more appropriate forums for this debate; please choose one which does not harm the image of the University of Mary Washington.

      • Andrew, I’ve been paying into the school well before you have paid tuition and I will continue to pay into well after you graduate, leave or drop-out. Just because you are currently paying more doesn’t trump my right to be there. So no it’s not yours, its ours. Be factual.

        It’s funny how hypocritcal you are. You say don’t sidewalk chalk our message because it might give the impression that UMW discriminates. Dude, what are you talking about? Sidewalk chalking is an avenue of free and open expression. What happened the next night? Oh wow, the VOX group, (a group tied to the nation’s largest abortion provider which just happened to get caught covering up for human sex trafficking in four abortion facilities in Virginia alone) sidewalk chalked their message. So, wah-la – open and free expression. Wow isn’t it amazing how these things turn out!

  2. Eat the Children First says:

    It’s University of Mary Washington. Fucking retards.

    • Love you too!

      • Eat the Children First says:

        Erik, have you been bleeding out of your sexual organs since you were 14? Will you ever have to piss on a stick & see that you’re pregnant? Will you ever carry a child for 9 months? Will you ever shove a small human out of your urethra?


        Then how about you stop worrying about abortion.

      • Elizabeth says:

        “Eat the Children First”
        You’re an idiot, no one would ever be able to push a baby out through their urethra…so clearly you don’t know how that works, which is likely you don’t even understand abortion

    • Alex says:

      “Retards,” seriously? They got the name wrong, yeah, but you don’t have to be an ableist asshole over it.

  3. Lauren says:

    Don’t worry, Voices of Women fixed our campus up tonight. We came back ten-fold.

    • Voices of Women? Really? What about the female babies you support aborting?

      • Aaron says:

        You just don’t even care whether what you say is true or not. Utterly contemptible.

      • Aaron, Please name one lie in any of these comments and then try to dispute it.

      • Jessica says:

        No voices, cause they’re not human. But seriously, the campus looks great! Thanks for giving VOX a cause to rally against!

  4. Jessica says:

    I was on campus walk today and I saw a pro-life message, let me tell you, IT TOTALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING I EVER THOUGHT ABOUT ABORTION.

    Hahaha… not.

    • it changed some minds, minds who are open to the truth that abortion is a violent act that kills a human person

  5. k says:

    F#$% you guys. Keep your noises out of other peoples buisness. If abortion was illegal then women would just have to resort to unsafe ways to abort their pregnancies. You can’t say anything that people have already heard a million annoying times so just shut the hell up.

    • K, Wow you are so kind. Abortion is my business because the act kills another person. Your so-called, “safe, legal and rare” abortions are unsafe. Each abortion kills another human person while many women become infertile, get breast cancer, become suicidal and addicted to drugs or even die.

      And no we won’t shut up. Thanks for supporting our right to free speech.

  6. Eva says:

    Oh F$*#, that is just disgusting, do you mind keeping your fucking sexist, illogical graffitti elsewhere? Like on Mars or the very depths of the ocean? You guys are aware that Abortion and Adoption are two very different things right? Who am I kidding, if you guys we writing “Abortion Hurts Women” or such nonsense you guys don’t know anything. You know who else Lies, You “Pro-Life” assholes, try using some actual logic and stop with the emotional appeal and stay the fuck away from my Uterus, Okay, Thanks bye :D.

    • Eva, How are any of these messages sexist or illogical. Why not stating some facts.

      What does adoption have to do with abortion? Well, why not give the baby up for adoption instead of aborting him/her?

      So Abortion doesn’t hurt women? Really? How about all the women who have died from so-called “safe, legal, rare” abortions? How about all the women who are made infertile? How about all the women we now regret their abortion?

      Emotional appeals? Really? It seems that is all YOU are doing. We are stating facts. Please try to dispute any of them, if you can.

  7. Jessica says:

    For every potential abortion you guys prevent, I’m gonna have SIX.

    • Alex says:

      As someone who’s pro-choice, that’s really shitty. Even though I know you’re joking, why would you say that? It’s not funny or cute. Women don’t just waltz out and get abortions because they’re fun, so don’t promote that image.

  8. Kerry says:

    Erik, I agree with every single thing yall wrote on campus walk and am happy to know that there are other pro-lifers here on campus.

    To those that disagree: because of the freedom we have here in this country, we are entitled to believe whatever we want to believe. If you disagree with the chalking, I am glad that you are standing up for what you believe in. Instead of wasting your time posting disturbing comments on this site, go out and write what you believe in. I also do not understand why this specific action is causing such a feud, people have been writing controversial things on campus all year.

    And to Jessica, what you said makes me physically sick. I pray that you did not mean that.

  9. Alex says:

    You’re a coward. Why won’t you post my comment? Because I actually have a solid opinion based on solid facts? If you actually gave a damn about women, you would want what’s best for them and take my criticisms of your position into account. You would debate with me civilly. To ignore my post altogether is fucking cowardice. Why should I even care about your opinion if you can’t recognize mine?

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