TOMORROW: National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Tomorrow we, Rock for Life alongside Students for Life are co-sponsoring the first ever National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

I’ve always said that the more we talk about abortion and what the act does to a baby and his / her mother the more hearts and minds are changed to the pro-life position and the more babies lives that are spared.  One way to get people talking is to sidewalk chalk pro-life messages.

So tomorrow, grab some sidewalk chalk, grab some friends and start chalking public sidewalks.  It’s fun and a little rebellious!

Several years ago Rock for Life became aware of a Planned Parenthood rally coming up. Early that morning, before anyone from Planned Parenthood showed up we sent a team of young pro-life activists to sidewalk chalk on the public sidewalks where Planned Parenthood was hosting their rally.  We chalked pro-life messages: “Abortion Kills a Baby,” “Abortion Hurts Women,” etc., etc.  When Planned Parenthood and their supporters showed up they were a little upset by the life affirming messages so they moved their rally across the street. When we crossed the street to join their rally with our pro-life signs they called the cops trying to get us removed from their rally spot.  The police refused to move us because we were on a public sidewalk and Planned Parenthood left their designated, permitted rally spot. So, since we sidewalk chalked we got the pro-life message out in two places at once.  See, this can be fun!

There are numerous stories like this I could share but you get the point. Sidewalk chalking is inexpensive, fun and another creative way to get the pro-life message out.

So, whatever it is you are doing tomorrow take some time to join thousand of pro-lifers nationwide who will be participating in National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Visit the website at for messaging ideas and tips, tell all your friends by forwarding this email and posting the website on your facebook and twitter. Then take pictures and post them on your Facebook and Twitter as well and let us know how it goes!


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