Will you help sponsor a young pro-life activist?

In less than three weeks hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers will descend on Washington, DC to show their opposition to abortion on demand and their support for LIFE!  This event, called the March for Life takes place on January 24th.

Rock for Life has taken part in this historical event since we first formed, in the fall of 1993 – and this year will be no different!

This year we will be bringing in young adults from all over the country, to not only participate in the March for Life, but to also impact our Nation’s capitol for LIFE!  Rock for Life will be offering opportunities for prayer and street outreach events, educational training via workshops and to fellowship and meet other young pro-lifers from all over the country.  These events start early Saturday morning, January 22nd and will end with the National Pro-Life Youth Rally Monday, January 24th at 2pm.

But in order to make this happen our Activism Team will need your help.  One of our biggest expenditures will be housing these young pro-life activists.  On faith, I just put 5 rooms for 2 nights on my credit card.  I personally cannot pay for this so I am hoping and praying that you can stand with me in offering a young person a place to rest so they can learn, be inspired and help assist in our efforts to spread the human rights for all – born and preborn message through music, education and action.

I’m going to break it down six different ways you can help.

  1. $20.87 will house one young person one night
  2. $41.74 will house one young person both nights
  3. $83.48 will house four young persons one night
  4. $166.96 will house four young persons both nights
  5. $417.40 will house the whole Rock for Life crew one night
  6. $834.80 will house the whole Rock for Life crew both nights

I need to raise the full $834.80 by January 22nd and I am believing that you will partner with Rock for Life and our Activism Team to make it happen!

These young people make a sacrifice to come to DC to be a voice for LIFE and I want to provide them with a place to crash that is close to Washington, DC and with within walking distance to the Metro.  Believe me, the rates I found are a deal and it’s going to be cramped, four to a room – but we are used to this.  Our Activism Team isn’t looking for anything fancy or out of the ordinary – just a place to rest after a long and sometimes cold day of outreach.

So please prayerfully consider sponsoring a young person for a night, both nights, a whole room of young people or the whole Rock for Life crew!  Whatever you can do we will definitely appreciate it!

You can donate via paypal by clicking here.  You can also send a check or money order to PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508

Let me know if you are someone who would like to attend the March for Life and be apart of the whole Rock for Life experience that weekend.



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