Rock For Life 2010 CD Compilation

Thank you for registering for the National Pro-Life Youth Rally.  As one of the founding sponsors of this great event it is our honor to give you access to free music!

There are two ways to obtain free music from Rock For Life as a gift in return for registering.  First, you can right click the songs below and save directly to your computer.  Or you can click here, enter your email address and zip code.  A link will then be emailed to you.

Also, if you like the music, make sure you click on the artists names and visit their websites.

Thanks for listening!

1] Airplane Anchors
2] Protesters Christafari
3] All About The LoveNew Method
4] WhinterSteve Berkenkemper
5] God Has A PlanZealous
6] Torch itZealous (ft. II K, Sammy Blaze, Flip)
7] EscapeThe Lost Note Foundation
8] Finest MistakeSkyhawk Drive
9] Wait UpAlakrity
10] Broken InsideWe As Human
11]Light So BriteOne Friend
12] O’ Little OneLindsey Carter
13] Run for itThe Great Transparency
14] Begin AgainSonia V
15] Face Of RealityAs Bold As Lions
16] NecrotizingBecoming The Archetype

All songs are copyrighted by their respective owners and used herein with pemission.

WARNING: Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


3 Responses to Rock For Life 2010 CD Compilation

  1. Matt says:

    Is this for all rock for life supporters or just those who went to the youth rally?

    • right now for all, grab them while you can!

  2. karinaKMJ says:

    And where can I find some lyrics for these songs? I’m not a native speaker and would like to be sure what I’m listening to 🙂

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