Chafee appoints abortionist to transition team

Wow, sometimes you think you’ve heard it all.  Not in this case.  Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island) has appointed an abortionist to his transition team.  Not only that, but it appears that the abortionist, “Doctor” Pablo Rodriguez apparently performed illegal abortions in a South American country.

It gets better, I mean worse.  In High in the Andes: The Ministry of Reproductive Rights Pablo recalls performing abortions with images of Jesus, Mary and Biblical passages on the killing centers walls alongside posters of abortifacient drugs.

Finally Rodriquez compares the advocacy of abortion and the fatal performance of the procedure, “the gospel of reproductive rights.”

If Rodriquez is willing to break laws in South America in order to promulgate the killing of children via abortion, what is he willing to do in Rhode Island for Chafee?  Just sayin’…

Please pray for Pablo Rodriquez and Lincoln Chafee


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