CD Review: Oceans In Love’s La La La

So let me set this scene for you:

It is a cold, rainy day. I sit down with my coffee and put on this album, one I have had for awhile now but just getting around to listen to it. So as I sit here I realize that one thing stood out among this artistry – originality. From the voice to the orchestration to the pinpoint guitar work, I feel as though this is a diamond in the rough.

This album, La La La by Oceans In Love is perhaps a light in the world of emerging artists that seem to blend in with the plethora of shabby music everywhere lately. This album runs from one side of the road to the other, with down home licks to big, open areas where you could imagine a field in the winter with snow falling and music coming from all around.

Apart from half bit imagery, from knowing most of these guys personally, and sharing the stage with them on a few occasions they sincerely match the honesty and purity they pour into their music. Their live performance is no change in pace either – a grand display of passion and love for who they are as a band and what they do.  So now on to other matters.

La La La, as it were, is a beautiful mix between worship and passion; most popular worship lacks that element as of late. When I listen to tracks like “Hallelujah” I melt inside from the purity in the lyrics to the simplistic yet subtly complex structure of the instruments.  Then going to “Old Men” a more folksy perspective wrestling with indie is a perfect blend for any day. This album is as inspiring as it is pertinent to everyday life – the push for, and longing for Hope, Love, and Life in all aspects. This album is available on Band Camp.

So in a final word, be ready!  They are not done and are running with another album in the near future. And, on a side note, from this band I would love to see a Christmas album…hint hint….

-Rick McVick

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