What is she scared of?

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards sent out an email after the elections that said the following:

“Yesterday was a difficult day…There’s no getting around it: the results of yesterday’s election are truly alarming.”

She also added that “extremists” will “pursue a dangerous agenda.”  Really?  Isn’t it her organization that is extreme?  Planned Parenthood believes in abortion on demand, everywhere, every stage of life (in-utero) up until the moment of birth, paid for by US Taxpayers, abortion as birth control, accepting donations from racists, covering up child sex abuse, lying to women and lying about basic human embryology.  THAT is extreme.

Dangerous agenda? Seriously? What can be more dangerous to a small, defenseless human being than an abortion?  Who can be more dangerous to that person than an abortionist?

So what exactly is she scared of?  What does she suspect that the 2011-2012 US Congress will do to harm her abortion agenda?

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