A Proud Adoptee

Lisa Twigg is a friend of mine and someone who has volunteered for Rock For Life for many years.  She has an amazing personal testimony.  It’s been awesome to learn about it and see her speak about it.  You see, Lisa is adopted.  She loves that fact that she was.  Her family is awesome and I look forward to possibly meeting her biological mother some day.  Here is an excerpt from her online testimony:

I am an outcome. I am a very possible possibility. I am a life that was not only saved but made better by adoption. My story is the result of two loving decisions. One decision was made by a couple who chose to love and raise a child that was not their own. The other decision belonged to a mother in a difficult situation.  This mother placed me in the arms of another family not because she didn’t love me but because she loved me so much.  Both decisions were difficult. But they are both decisions I am eternally grateful for.

Lisa’s testimony has been posted on Students for Life’s facebook fan page.  Go check it out and share it with all your friends.

This month is National Adoption Awareness Month.  Adoption is a loving pro-life act and pro-life people adopt.  You can share this story to raise awareness.  You can also pick up some of our Adoption Saves Lives merchandise on our store to help raise awareness and funds as well.  Thank you 😀

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