Was Yesterday’s Election A Pro-Life Victory?

In a political sense last night was truly historic.  The transfer of power in the House of Representatives hasn’t seen this much change in seats since the Great Depression days.  So no matter your political persuasion you witnessed and lived through a historical event.

What does this mean for the rights of the preborn?  Many self-proclaimed pro-lifers were elected into office replacing many abortion advocates.  It is always a good thing to have people voting for pro-life people and holding elected office.  As of January 2011 we will have less pro-abortion US Senators, less pro-abortion Congressmen in the House of Representatives, and less Governors and in return we will have more pro-life people in many of those same positions.  This is a good thing, isn’t it?  To get a better idea read this.

The most important “issue” when it comes to voting is this: What does this person believe regarding human rights?  Not just human rights for the born, but human rights for all.  Do they see the preborn person as a human being that needs protection and respect just like born persons, or not?  If not, then they do not deserve my vote.  If someone believes in the destruction of a small defenseless human person in-utero then I really have little to no faith in them to promote justice for anyone else.  If someone believes in protecting preborn people just as much as born people then I think we are onto something here.

So was last night a victory? In some sorts it was, NOT because of a certain political party made advances but because more self-proclaimed pro-lifers now hold elected office.  The real victory will not be accomplished until the abortion holocaust in America has ended.  That will not happen until the US Constitution is amended to include preborn people as persons from the moment of their very beginning.  This would therefore eradicate Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton and all other US Supreme Court decisions that have decriminalized the act of abortion.  This should be our goal and we must work like this is going to happen in our lifetime or  we will at least die trying to make it happen.

This will not happen over night nor will it happen with this newly elected Congress.  But these are small steps that can be taken.  For instance, in the state of New Jersey they recently defunded Planned Parenthood.  That is a huge victory!  The less money Planned Parenthood has the less babies they can abort.  That is a good thing.  That couldn’t have been done without the right people in elected office.

In Kansas they got rid of an attorney general who was pro-abortion and stonewalling an attempt to prosecute Planned Parenthood on 107 criminal charges.  Now they have a pro-lifer in that same position, a pro-life governor and a pro-life statehouse who can move these cases forward.  I’d say that’s a good thing.

In Iowa Iowans put more pro-lifers in the state legislature while electing a pro-life governor.  Here the state has been dealing with Planned Parenthood’s telemed abortion scheme.  Because of the pro-life swing in that state Iowans have a chance to stop Planned Parenthood’s webcam abortion pill distribution plan before it becomes national.  This is a good thing.  Click here to read more about this.  Without voting none of this could happen

What else could happen?  We could stop the abortion mandate in Obamacare and stop or slow down other efforts by the Obama administration to fund domestic and international abortion!

Elections are not the end all.  Some people seem to think that pro-lifers put all their eggs into this basket.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Voting is only part of the puzzle.  Now that the elections are over it is now another day – our work continues.  We need to be continuing to speak out for the preborn, educating, raising awareness, raising much-needed funds for pregnancy resource centers, adopting and providing foster care and holding those who are in elected office accountable to protect all people – born or preborn.

Over 3,500 babies died yesterday during the elections and another 3,500 will die today and another 3,500 tomorrow.  The voting is over. Now get back to the real work, please.

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