Adoption Saves Lives

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and we want to participate by highlighting our “Adoption Saves Lives” merchandise.  By purchasing and wearing a shirt, bumpersticker or button you are not only helping to raise awareness about adoption but you are also helping to raise funds for adoptions and adoption awareness.

A portion of all proceeds of the sales of these items starting today through the end of November will go to adoption and adoption awareness.  So join Rock For Life in spreading awareness and raising funds about adoption this month!

To make a purchase go to  You can also make the purchase from our Facebook page by going to and clicking on the “store” tab.

Please share this effort by forwarding this email to all your friends, posting this on facebook, twitter, myspace, etc., etc.

And make sure to check out our blog where we will be blogging often in November about Adoption, adoption testimonies, etc., etc.

This summer we launched the “Adoption Saves Lives” line and it was widely successful.  Why is that?  Pro-Life people believe in adoption.  Adoption is a loving, caring and compassionate choice for mothers who are facing a difficult pregnancy situation.  Major props to moms who place their babies into a family whose members are eager to care and love on that child.  What a great sacrifice.  Thank you!

Let’s share our love and support for these moms by spreading awareness and raising funds for adoption this month!


2 Responses to Adoption Saves Lives

  1. Kelsey says:

    I am a 20 year old pro lifer who was put up for adoption from birth. Growing up, I used to feel abandoned, often questioning, “how could someone not want me?” As I’ve grown, that thought has drastically changed. I now reckognize how truely blesse I am to have parents who love me and waited years for me. I also have a new appreciation for my birthmother, who I now realized acted selflessly in giving me up. She put my life before her own. My family I’d my family and nothing can ever change that, however, is there is one thing I would say o my birth mother, it would be thank you.

  2. tina says:

    I always think that in some situations the most loving thing a mother can do for her child is place him in a family who is ready and able to take the best possible care of him. Blessings to birth mothers because they make the most loving sacrifice in the world!

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