Pro-Life Crosses Vandalized

I’ve been blogging recently about the violence coming from the pro-abortion camp.  Unfortunately the volume of these stories seem to be on the increase.  Hence, this post.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse recently spent over three hours putting up over 1,100 crosses on Wittich field to memorialize the victims of abortion.

Unfortunately most were torn down and thrown into piles.  Another case of pro-abortion violence.  No one has been charged and the police have no leads.  The student group filed a hate incident report and the school said whoever vandalized the display could face disciplinary action.

Pray for those who are so upset at the site of crosses displayed to memorialize the victims of abortion that they would break the law and cause this sort of disruption.  Also, pray for the student group led by Alyssa Gebel who sacrifice so much to spread awareness of the abortion atrocity and risk so much in the process.  Thanks!

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