Rock For Life Launches New Webstore

Rock For Life has launched a new webstore!  Check it out at  Here you will find some of our popular new items from this summer, like “Adoption Saves Lives,” “I Am Pro-Life,” and “Let Them Live” shirts in various colors and shirt styles (tanks, v-necks, hoodies) as well as military hats and some of our popular bumperstickers and buttons from the last few years.

The Rock For Life webstore is hosted at  What is neat about Storenvy is that as a shopper you can “follow” stores, “like” items (which in turn promotes these items), post products on your facebook wall, send twitter messages about items you like, comment on the items and stores, and so much more.  It is very interactive and fun!  You should definately give it a shot.

Adoption Saves Live Shirt small Human Being Shirt Black small Let Them Live Tank small
Also, our store is accessable on Facebook!  Simply go to our fanpage at and click on the “store” tab.  Here you can not only purchase items but also “like” and share our products on your facebook profile wall as well.

So go check out our store!  Every purchase you make helps support our ministry and spread our message to others.  Every item you “like” and “share” promotes our message, our products and the ministry of Rock For Life.


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