Father pulls gun on pregnant girlfriend

I wrote on Tuesday that the violence of abortion isn’t just inside an abortion factility when an abortionist pulled a gun on peaceful, praying pro-lifers as part of a 40 Days for Life vigil.

Well, late last night I became aware that again a gun was pulled. This time one was pulled on a pregnant mother.  Who pulled the gun? The boyfriend.  Why? To try to force her to abort their child.

According to the Associated Press and The Columbus Dispatch mom and dad dropped their five-year old son off at school then soon after the boyfriend pulled a gun on his pregnant girlfriend (who was in the driver’s seat).  She was refusing to go to a scheduled abortion that morning.  He was attempting to force her to abort.

Once they arrived at the abortion facility she was able to pass a note to a worker who then called the police.  When they arrived they found him in possession of the fire arm.

The man is being held in jail charged with kidnapping and carry a concealed weapon.

Again, the violence and thought process of abortion is not contained inside of an abortion facility.  It spills out on its front steps and into the streets of our communities.  In this case in overcame a desperate boyfriend who not only wanted his own child aborted but kidnapped his girlfriend to try and force this on her.

Let’s pray that justice is served and this young man has a heart and mind transformation.

Erik Whittington
Executive Director, Rock For Life


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