Abortion saves teens from depression? Seriously?

So I’m scrolling through the news this morning and I find numerous articles on some research that came to the conclusion that abortion does not cause depression in teens.  One news article even stretched the study so far as saying, “Abortion saves teenagers from depression.”

Are you serious?

I have been on the front lines of the abortion battle for years.  I have prayed in front of abortion facilities.  I have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of young people one on one for years, many who have had abortions, many who have given birth and either kept their child to raise or gave their child to another couple to raise.  Most every young person I have spoken to who has had an abortion has claimed some sort of side effect, and its usually a form of depression, sometimes extreme guilt, shame.  Why is that?  Because most people realize it is wrong because it is the taking of an innocent human being’s life.

Also, my wife is a post-abortion counselor with Rachel’s Vineyard.  She has seen the side-effects especially from women who early on claimed it wasn’t a big deal. Depression, alchohol and drug abuse, sex addictions, suicide, etc., etc.

So right now, and this is a knee-jerk reaction to this study, I am saying this is bologna!  I have seen the effects of abortion on young people’s lives.  It is DEVASTATING.

OK so let’s take a closer look at this research.  The article, “Do Depression and Low Self-Esteem Follow AbortionAmong Adolescents? Evidence from a National Study” was published in the Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, a publication of the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain.  The Guttmacher Institute’s motto: “Advancing sexual and reproductive Health worldwide through research, policy analysis and public education.” In other words advancing abortion so therefore BIASED. They are not going to publish work that goes against their goals.

So don’t buy into this study.  It is getting major headlines right now.  In the near future someone who is more qualified than I am will counter this research with the truth and unfortunately that study will hardly be picked up by the mainstream media.

Now that’s depressing…


4 Responses to Abortion saves teens from depression? Seriously?

  1. charlene says:

    I agree so much with this. I have a little girl and I could never see my life without her. I did my senior paper on abortions and did lots of research on the effects of abortions and it just doesn’t affect the woman but family also. Families get hurt as well for not being able to meet this new family member and get to love it get to know them. I just feel if you don’t want the baby why did you open your legs? Or give it up for adoption. Give them life..

    • Mimi says:

      I would just ask Charlene (and others with the same sentiment) to be careful with her words: “I just feel if you don’t want the baby why did you open your legs?” That kind of rhetoric will create more divisiveness and judgments against the pro-life movement, then encourage women and men to do the right thing… As well as possibly add undue guilt to a young, married woman. Just my opinion.

  2. I have two children myself, and I have heard that women who have abortions basically have to go through the same after-feelings that women who have children have, only difference is they don’t get the joy in holding their babies and having that love for their baby. I can’t imagine going through what I had to in giving birth, but in having an abortion instead would cause me to go through life knowing what could have been and should have been. After I gave birth to my firstborn, I remember they took him fast to clean him up and I really didn’t see him for his first 30 minutes of life. I was left alone in my birthing room while my family and my husband’s family were watching him and I felt so sad. I kept wondering how much longer it would be before anyone would return and before I could hold my baby. I would imagine that same feeling would happen for a lot of the girls and women who have had abortions and on top of that they have that guilt. The only difference is that I knew I’d be able to hold my baby while for them it is too late. Too many times, one of the girls I know that had an abortion would be obsessed with holding babies and wanting one herself, while making excuses for herself why it was “good” that she didn’t have it. I think that longing is because she would be a mother of a child today and that guilt has been eating at her, but she gives into society junk like this report you’ve posted about. For all I know if she read this she’d tell me that she was saved from depression because if she were to have her baby she’d feel down all the time – some excuse of a negative anyway.

    I thank God for the work you do and what your wife does too.

  3. Yes it is really sad. We must be praying for all of these mothers every day and do what we can to let them know we love them and that there is healing available to them.

    Thanks for your kind words 😀

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