Emily & Anna Weisband this Saturday at Coffee With a Cause

If you are in the Fredericksburg / Culpeper area of Virginia this Saturday you are in for a treat.  This Saturday, September 25th at 7PM Emily & Anna Weisband will be performing at Coffee With A Cause, a great coffee shop located in Locust Grove where all of the proceeds goes to fund an orphanage in Indonesia.  I don’t know why I support this coffee shop because most supporters of abortion believe pro-lifers only care about babies before they are born, never after.  But, hey I love bucking trends, haha.  JUST JOKING!!  I support this coffee shop because it’s a great cause!  And so should you!  Oh, and also they carry some Rock For Life Merchandise!

So, this Saturday head over to 32345 Constitution Highway, Locust Grove, Virginia to buy some good coffee and listen to some great music.

Emily & Anna Weisband is on our list of life supporting artists.  They are great young ladies with great hearts for spreading the LIFE. message.  They have played a couple Rock For Life events.  Check them out here or online here, here or here.


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