Will abortion end in America?

Will abortion end in America? This was one of many questions I was asked recently (Saturday, September 18, 2010) as part of the Mid-Atlantic 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Rally.  Basically this is how I responded and I’m wondering what you think:

Abortion will end in America or I will die trying.  I know this sounds a little over the top but this must be our attitude.  It’s not going to happen unless we all do everything we can at every moment in life.  It is my prayer that when I am on my death bed that either abortion has been abolished in America or if it hasn’t then I can look myself in the mirror, I can look in the eyes of my beautiful wife, I can look in the eyes of my children and hopefully my grandchildren and most importantly I can say to our God that I did everything that I could, that I tried with all my might, that I fought the good fight.

You see, if abortion doesn’t end in my lifetime I want to at the very least to help lay the ground work for others after me to see the promised land.

That is my prayer for myself and that is my prayer for all of you reading this.


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