Abortionist pleads guilty to manslaughter

According to the Cape Cod Times an abortionist yesterday in Barnstable Superior Court pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  Three years ago yesterday Dr. Rapin Osathanondh aborted Laura Hope Smith’s preborn baby.  His actions during this abortion led to her death.

Basically what happened is that Osathanondh put Laura Hope under anesthesia before aborting her child.  During and after performing the abortion he failed to monitor her nor to call 911 in a timely matter when it became apparent she was having difficulty.

What do you think his punishment was for neglecting the health and life of his patient after killing her child?  Twenty years in state prison?  Nope.  Try this: Three months in a county jail, nine months home confinment (with a tracking device), three years probation.  Wow…

Oh wait, he can’t practice medicine nor teach during these terms (which he just happened to have resigned practising medicine in 2008). That must have been the kicker…

So where is the justice here?  A human baby murdered, a mom neglected resulting in her death and the man responsible gets a little slap on the wrist. It’s nice that something was done but C’MON!

Where is the outrage from the women’s organizations?  You won’t hear any from them.

Check out the photo the Cape Cod Times uses for Dr. Osathanondh, “…accused of failing to monitor a woman who died during procedure.”  I mean, are you serious?

What do you think?


4 Responses to Abortionist pleads guilty to manslaughter

  1. Stephanie says:

    THIS IS SICK!!!! and just like you said, where is all the womens rights groups when this happens? And abortionist kills a woman and he gets barely anything? 3 months in a COUNTY jail? FOR MANSLAUGHTER????? Our society is accepts abortion so it makes sense that they would condone an abortionist killing a women in the process of killing her unborn child…what a sick sick world this is…

  2. jkruofa says:

    Um, wow. And the women’s rights groups still think abortion is actually about women’s rights. Oh please! That’s why they don’t comment.

  3. Mary Collart says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I think, with lots of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers, we are slowly getting there, and people’s eyes are being opened to the truth. It’s just so frustrating in the mean time.

  4. Kari says:

    Here’s another idea for youth pro-life activism: Those who are in college should try to encourage their professors (especially advisors for pro-life groups) to get involved with the group University Faculty for Life. They’re having a conference in June 2011. I am including their website link with this post.
    Keep up the good work!

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