How many Adoptions does Planned Parenthood refer?

Planned Parenthood recently came out with their annual report (from the year 2008) and one interesting thing to note is their actual adoption referrals especially in relation to the number of abortions they commit.

According to their own numbers Planned Parenthood aborted 324,008 preborn human children in the year 2008 while refering only 2,405 mothers to an adoption agency.  That means for every one adoption referral they aborted 134 babies.

Now keep in mind that the 2,405 number are only referrals.  That doesn’t mean anyone adopted their children.  Most likely what that means is that the Planned Parenthood “counselor” tried all she could to schedule the mother for an abortion and after failing to make the sell she handed her a brochure that had adoption referral information in it.  You know full well that their was zero information given to this mother where she could find a local pregnancy help center.

Remember, this is from an organization who many claim is “pro-family,” “pro-woman,” and a “health care clinic.”  Help spread the word that this is far from the truth.  Planned Parenthood is an abortion business concerned with selling abortions, not saving lives through adoption or any other means.

Help spread the word about adoption by getting an “Adoption Saves Lives” shirt from Rock For Life!

2 Responses to How many Adoptions does Planned Parenthood refer?

  1. Jen says:

    This is seriously messed up!

  2. Ashley says:

    Stuff like this makes me so sad. 😦 I pray for changes of heart.

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