September is a busy month!

September has been and is going to be a very busy month!  Yesterday (Wednesday, September 1st) I recorded a months worth of podcasts with Kristan Hawkins for our joint Rock For Life / Students for Life podcast.  Our next episode will be released tomorrow and I can’t wait for you to hear it.  There is actually some very disturbing news we became aware of while recording so make sure to visit the Rock For Life website tomorrow to hear the show.  You may be one of the first to hear about this news so stay tuned.

Tomorrow (Friday, September 3rd) I leave to exhibit at Revelation Generation 2010 (Sept. 4th – 5th), an awesome annual Christian music festival based in Frenchtown, New Jersey.  If you are attending make sure to stop by our booth to learn about the Rock For Life mission, to get involved and to pick up some cool pro-life shirts and other materials.  If you are in the area and currently not going you may want to reconsider.  “RevGen” is an amazing festival with an amazing line-up of bands, musicians and speakers.

The following weekend (Friday, Sept. 10) I will be traveling to Knoxville, Tennessee to speak at Sharpening Your Focus To Cultivate A Pro-Life Campus Conference (Saturday, Sept. 11), a joint conference sponsored by Students for Life of America and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  This is going to be an amazing conference with some amazing speakers.  It’s only $10 and that includes meals and lodging!  Check it out! For more info click here.

Then the weekend after that (Sept. 17th – 18th) Rock For Life will be exhibiting at another amazing Christian music festival, Awakening Festival 2010. If you are attending make sure to stop by our booth and if you are in the area and are NOT going you need to check it out and go!  This will be another opportunity to spread the Rock For Life mission, educate young people about the horrors of abortion and sign people up to Rock For Life in their communities.

Also, that same weekend (Saturday, Sept. 18th) I will be speaking at another pro-life conference, The 2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic 40 Days For Life Conference and Kick-Off.  40 Days for Life is an amazing ministry and I’m so excited to be a part of it.  Click here for more info.

September Needs

As you can see this is a very busy month for Rock For Life!  We have most of these expenses paid for already, specifically the exhibiting expenses for the two music festivals.  That is good news!

Here are the needs we have for this month:

Gas $300

Food $400
Van maintenence (2 oil changes & 1 tire rotation) $100
Total $800
Lodging =? I normally sleep in the van but if you want to bless me with a hotel room that would be fantastic!

Also, I am in desperate need of a smart phone, preferably an iPhone (iPhone 3 would be great!) and possibly even a broadband card.  Traveling all these miles this month it would be so helpful to be able to stay online, getting work done and spreading the pro-life message. If you can help donate these items and/or even commit to covering the monthly expenses for a smartphone / broadband card that would be fantastic, let me know!

Please pray that God provides this month and please pray to see if you can help financially.

Last month I gave a shirt to anyone who donated more than $15.  This month I’ll do the same!

If you are able to donate you can do it three ways.

1) Paypal to

2) Call in with a credit card number (540-840-9764)
3) Mail a check or money order (made out to “Grace Church of Fredericksburg) and send to PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508

Make sure to include what size “LIFE.” shirt you would like.

Thanks so much for praying for us and for considering a donation to help us attend all of these events!

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  1. Cool stuff, could you guys post a direct link to where we can download the Netcasts?

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