Thanks for sending us to DC Fest!

Thanks so much for sending Rock For Life to DC Fest!  Last Thursday I sent out a plea to help with expenses so Rock For Life could be at DC Fest.  So many of you responded with prayers and financial support.  We received just enough to get there, with exhibiting fess, gas and meals for the day.  Thank you so much!

Just wanted to let you all know that the event was amazing!  This was such a great event to be at.  We had a great spot so we were able to talk to so many people, educating them about the horrors of abortion, signing people up to join Rock For Life and to make a difference in their communities AND of course getting them cool pro-life shirts and other materials.  We were the only pro-life organization there so it was so important that the pro-life message was present and making advances.

Below are some photos of the event.  Thanks again so much for standing with Rock For Life as we promote human rights for all people by engaging the culture through music, education and action!  Enjoy!

Our display at DC Fest

Jeremy Camp at DC Fest!

Looking at the graphic binder

A father with his adopted daughter!

checking out the cool stuff

Tina Wallace a big help!

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