Aborting Military Babies?

Is abortion coming to the military? Well, it actually exists in certain circumstances like rape, incest and to “save the life” of the mother, but thanks to an amendment to the bill that may rescind the current, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy abortion may come full force to the military (partially at your expense).

Obviously this is very sad news and we should keep this in our prayers. Make sure to contact your representatives in Congress to show your disapproval.

Why is this just now coming out? Salon says that the abortion advocates where trying to keep this quiet. Why? Is it because they know, even though Congress and the White House is under the control of the powerful abortion lobby, that most Americans are opposed to abortion, especially if it is going to be paid for by them?

While I read about this in the New York Times and Salon I can’t help myself to notice the bias coming from both reporters. For instance, in both articles Cecile Richards, the president of pro-abortion Planned Parenthood Federation of America is quoted, but no pro-lifers are quoted. Are you telling me they couldn’t get in touch with one of the many top pro-life organizations? I’m always available to chat!

Also, in the New York Times Elisabeth Bumiller threw in her article that abortion is “basic health care.” Are you serious? Elisabeth, those comments are for the commentary section not an actual news story in the Politics section. C’mon!

Oh, and Anna Clark says being pregnant and in the military might be considered circumstances that “are not appropriate to bringing a child into this world.” Ok, Anna first the child is already in “this world.” Have you seen an ultrasound? A baby is there. And just because mommy is in the military that isn’t a good reason to kill an innocent child. Actually, there never is one but try telling that to abortion advocates.


One Response to Aborting Military Babies?

  1. Jenny says:

    Sick and twisted. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse for innocent unborn human beings, it does. The libs/progressives can’t kill them fast enough; their bloodthirstiness knows no bounds. And they’ll see that the taxpayer funds it. If we didn’t, it wouldn’t be half as much fun for them.

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