Is Feminism Pro-Life?

There is in interesting debate on The Washington Post between former Governor of Alaska & former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and Jessica Valenti, founder of & author of The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession With Virginity Is Hurting Young Women.”  Valenti takes the position that Palin’s pro-life stance automatically excludes her and everyone else the title of a feminist while Palin argues that the original feminists were pro-life.

I would like to know what you think and why.  And of course I’ll be sharing my thoughts as well.

3 Responses to Is Feminism Pro-Life?

  1. Claire says:

    Jesus was one of the first feminists. He included women in his circle of friends and valued them. Men and women are equal, but different. Only women can give birth to a child of God. Love is the most important thing any of us can have. How can we foster love if we condone mothers killing their own babies? We need to give every woman the opportunity to choose life so she can be the best person she can be. And every man needs to stand up and defend his unborn child. He must protect his child to be the best person he can be.

  2. Jeff McLain says:

    @Claire- I agree with what your saying, but I think Jesus wouldn’t have defined his actions or himself as feminist.

  3. As founder and past president of Feminists for Life of Ohio (until the state chapters were folded into the national chapter) I can state without hesitation that true feminism is absolutely opposed to abortion. Jesus likely wouldn’t have called himself a feminist anymore than he would have called himself a Republican, Democrat, Minarchist, Methodist, Calvinist, or Primitive Baptist. In fact, I believe that type of division and such is covered nicely by Paul in his first letter to the church at Corinth.
    Pregnancy is a natural state for biologically mature females. Half of all humans conceived are female. It goes against our very being to take the life of our own child. Even women who staunchly defend a perceived right to abort, mourn the life of their own child whom they felt it necessary to end on the cold, paper covered table of the abortionist.
    Women, in our fullness of gifts, abilities, and glorious differences, must be welcomed into all of society and academia. This includes accepting and accommodating our children and our pregnancies (which often don’t seem to occur according to anyone’s timeline).
    I could right a book (actually I contributed to one…that’s another soap box though) but I’ll end by mangling a quote by my friend Pat Goltz, who co-founded Feminists for Life of America, “Any policy which says, ‘You’re welcome in the boardroom but leave your baby in the trash outside’ is a misogynist policy.”

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